Activities to enjoy with your dog

Dog is a man’s (and woman’s) best friend, so why wouldn’t you want to do cool things with your dog-just like you do with your human pals? Here are a few fun activities to enjoy with your dog.

09 Jan 2018 By Leanne Philpott Comments

Doggie day trip

Take your pooch on an outing. While most dogs like to cruise in cars, they’d probably like a trip on a bus or ferry too. They say a change is as good as a holiday so if you can’t afford to take your four-legged pal on a weekend away, a day trip might be just the ticket to inject some fun into your dog’s life. Pack a few (healthy) treats for you and your dog and go see the sights. Note: if taking public transport it’s advisable to travel outside of peak times.


Dog park

Dog parks are great; not only does Fido get to run free and meet some cool canine comrades; you get to chat to fellow dog lovers and make friends too. Win-win!

Play frisbee

If your dog loves to play ball, no doubt he or she will love frisbee too. Playing Frisbee is great fun and it keeps your dog (and you) fit.


Take your BFF to dinner

Fine dining might be off the menu but why not take your canine BFF for an alfresco dinner out. There are sure to be local eateries that accommodate dogs in their outdoor eating area. If not, grab some fish and chips or Thai takeout and dine under the stars in the park or at the beach.

Go wild

Forget being couped up indoors—take your dog camping! Dogs love nothing better to roam around, enjoying the great outdoors and there are loads of campsites that welcome dogs with open paws. 


DIY agility course

Put your creativity skills and your dog’s agility to the test by setting up a homemade obstacle course in your backyard. Possible objects you can use might include a kid’s play tunnel, a plank of wood balanced on two bricks, milk crates, and old tyres to jump over.

Agility training is great for your dog’s mind and fitness levels; it can help grow a truly special bond between you and your canine pal—plus it can be a whole heap of fun!

Pooch party

Dog’s are sociable animals so how about throwing Fido a pool and barbecue party? Invite your friends over, throw a few snags and steaks on the fire and your pooch can enjoy doing doggy paddle in the pool and a few sneaky bits of meat. Doggie heaven or what?


Water play

Most dogs love the water so head to your local beach or creek and go surfing or play fetch. If you don’t live near the ocean set up a sprinkler in your backyard. Note: not all dogs can swim so be sure to test out your pooch’s swimming ability in shallow water first.


Hide and seek

It’s not just kids that love to play hide and seek, dogs enjoy it too. Hide yourself or one of your dog’s toys and have a ball as your dog tries to find you. Reward your pet with a little delight or a big praise for an extra special treat.

Pet pamper

Make Fido feel totally fabulous by giving him a wash and groom. You can do this yourself or you can use the services of a dog grooming business. Either way your dog will end up feeling ah-mazing!

09 Jan 2018 By Leanne Philpott Comments

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